Implant Dentistry

Dental implants, the best solution in every way!

Anyone can lose a tooth. It often happens in seconds while playing sports –a tooth is gone, just like that. It’s a chock with great drama because now you have a very visible gap in your smile that will affect your self-confidence and lifestyle choices.

At Chow Dental Group, we offer patients the ability to replace missing teeth, permanently with dental implants. Dr. David Chow has the training and experience to do both the surgical and restorative phases of the procedure in-house.

Dr. David Chow inserts the small high-tech biocompatible artificial root at the position where the natural tooth was in the jaw. This usually does not take any longer than any other routine treatment. A temporary restoration closes the gap until the implant is healed. Then the final tooth crown is fixed permanently in place. When the new root it is firmly fixed in the jaw it will feel identical to your natural teeth. No one will know the difference!


One missing tooth replacement

A dental implant supported crown does not need retainer clasps. It is not necessary to grind down any teeth. The dental implant also retains the natural shape of the jaw bone preventing the loss of bone, a key player in premature aging after the loss of a tooth.

Once implanted your new artificial tooth is used in exactly the same way as its natural neighbours. You take care of it in a similar way, and it will stay in place permanently — even if you continue to play sport vigorously.

Ask Dr. David Chow about the options. Do it today!

Several missing teeth

When your smile suddenly looks old, several teeth are missing or older dentures are causing more and more problems, you can turn back the clock and your teeth can look new again.

Regardless of whether one or more teeth are missing, every tooth can be individually replaced or an implant supported bridge can be used to restore your smile to its original condition. In this solution the new crowns are linked together and depending on the size of the gap, are placed on a stable and secure base of two or more implants.

Loose Dentures

Do you have no teeth at all in your upper or lower jaw? Are loose-fitting dentures preventing you from smiling, eating and speaking with confidence? As few as two to four new dental implants roots can be enough to provide a firm base to retain a full denture. This will give you a high degree of security in every situation because nothing can come loose unexpectedly. No more embarrassing surprises.

It is never too late for dental implant therapy!

You will be able to eat, talk and laugh with your implant supported new set of teeth as if they were your own natural teeth. Dental implants are a medical miracle. You will have the confidence and security that is very difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional bridges or dentures. Dr. David Chow can retain the last of your original teeth and integrate them harmoniously into the denture as abutments.

If you have already been wearing a full denture for an extended period, your jaw bone may be too thin and too narrow to accept implants. In this case Dr. David Chow or a surgeon specializing in implants can carefully build up the jaw. This is done with bone from your body or with natural replacement materials. Talk to us about your options; call Chow Dental Group today for more information on dental implants!