White Fillings

Cavities and dental decay are the reasons why you might need a filling

A cavity (caused by a disease called caries) happens when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that attack your teeth. In time, this acid can dissolve away the enamel on your teeth and cause a hole, which is known as a cavity. Unlike some other diseases or injuries, a cavity will not heal by itself, but if the early signs of dental decay are promptly treated before a cavity forms, it can be stopped and even reversed by Dr. David Chow.

Which dental filling is best for you?

For many years the only available choices were metal fillings. These were either made from a gold alloy or a mixture or “amalgam” of mercury, silver and other metals. In the past few decades, other materials have been developed for restoring teeth. They are “tooth-coloured” rather than silver-coloured or gold. They include composite resin, and porcelain materials.