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Intra-Oral Camera

A visual patient learning style perfected!

Intraoral cameras had their debut in dentistry in 1987. Since then, their evolution has been profound, much like that of cell phone technology. They have transformed from oversized mobile units to pocket-sized lightweight wands; from time consuming to use, to time efficient sensations; from crude, analog to high-definition, digital images.

One of the biggest advancements of present day intraoral camera technology is the ability to interface with most practice management software, thus allowing storage and transmission of magnified, high-definition oral images and video. As a result, this advancement has catapulted dentistry into a new information integration era.

At Chow Dental Group we recognize that our patients enter our dental setting with a varied degree of understanding about their present oral conditions, need for treatment and treatment options. As dental professionals, we are constantly striving to improve our communication skills and increase our patients’ dental IQs to help them understand necessary dental care. Patient education has long been a challenge for dental professionals to master and deliver chairside; with the use of the intraoral camera this goal is now easily achieved.