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Teeth Whitening Treatments at Chow Dental Group in Brampton

Looking for a way to add a sparkle to your smile? Teeth whitening is an affordable and long-lasting investment that fits most budgets and lifestyles. You can get a professional-grade tooth whitening at Chow Dental Group. It has the strongest whitening power, with the potential to make teeth up to eight shades whiter; which means the results will be safe and superior. If it’s white teeth you want, we can help you brighten your smile.
Teeth Whitening - Hallstone Dentistry

In Office Whitening​

We offer an in-office teeth-whitening procedure at Chow Dental Group. This can be done in a single office visit. We start by applying a special prescription-strength whitening gel to your teeth, then we use a concentrated light source to activate the gel that whitens your teeth several shades during a single office visit. Please understand that this is a quick fix and not a final result. Most people would benefit from home bleaching too.

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If you’re wondering if you should see a dentist for teeth whitening treatment, then you’ve come to the right place. Start booking your dental appointment at Chow Dental Group in Brampton today using our online form!
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